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With Advanced Analytics

Unlock your Brands’ Full Potential

Tailored Solutions for Pricing and Revenue Growth, Marketing Mix Modelling, Forecasting and Voice of Customer Dashboards.


Unlock Profitable Growth

Pricing & Revenue Growth

Make informed decisions when adapting prices or determining pricing for new products by levaraging Analizon’s expertise and analytical tools.
Unlock Marketing Success

Marketing Mix Modelling

Drive Sales, Revenue, and Key Business Metrics with Smart Marketing Mix Modelling.

Unlock Insights

Voice of Customer Dashboards

Uncover and Visualize Complex Data for Enhanced Decision-Making Clarity.

Unlock the Future


Predict future demand, anticipate sales trends, optimize inventory, and make informed decisions.

Experienced Team

Seniors with

Years of Experience



Partnered with

Global and Local Corporations

Testimonials from Our Valued Clients

  • I’ve had the privilege of working closely with the Analizon team for two decades, and I can confidently state that there is no business query they can’t address. Our collaboration has consistently helped refine our pricing, investment prioritization, and brand strategies.

    What truly distinguishes them is their constantly updated expertise in statistics, technology, and business strategy. They seamlessly weave together these domains, living up to their fitting descriptor as “data magician.” It’s no wonder they’ve earned the trust of some of the industry’s most prominent brands.

    Beyond their technical prowess, their approach to business challenges is characterized by an incredible mix of creativity and curiosity. They’ve consistently shown the ability to bend tools and technology to their will, providing lucid answers to the most intricate strategic questions.

    Selin Kahraman

    Head of Group Insights and Category Strategy – Innocent Drinks

  • The Analizon team is really good at using advanced statistics to solve tough business problems. They always find new ways to fix issues, work very hard, and help us whenever we need more information. Their skills in making sense of difficult data are crucial in helping our brands become more successful.

    Their help has been essential, making our decision-making smarter and our businesses grow faster.

    Billur Ozbe

    Data & Analytics Director Eurasia Middle East, Coca-Cola Pazarlama ve Danismanlik

  • I have worked with the team of Analizon, a leading consulting firm in analytical marketing, for many years as an invited consulting academic scholar on various data analysis and research projects. Analizon’s deep technical knowledge and analytical competencies were a great help in making sense of complex data sets in our clients’ projects, providing us with significant advantages in our strategic decision-making processes.

    Their data-driven approaches and predictive analytic skills played a vital role in shaping our marketing strategies. The team’s provision of original solutions and analytical guidance based on the most innovative methods in the literature led to better than expected results.

    The team’s professional approach, business ethics, and extensive experience in the industry make them a valuable asset for any business or organization.

    Ezgi Akpinar

    Associate Professor of Marketing /Professional Graduate Program Director-Sabancı University

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our FAQ section is regularly updated to ensure that the information remains current and relevant. If you have a question that you don’t see covered, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    What industries do you specialize in?

    Analizon team members have conducted around 1.000 projects across various industries, especially in: 

    • FMCG
    • Durables
    • Retail
    • Financial Services
    • Telecom
    • Automotive
    How do your tailored solutions work?

    Our tailored solutions follow a simple process:

    1. Consultation:We start with a conversation to understand your needs.
    2. Anaylsis: We asses your situation and identify the right analytics approach.
    3. Customization: We create a unique solution just for you.
    4. Progressive Iterations: We share initial results and make adjustments as needed.
    5. Results: Our goal is your success and measurable improvements.
    6. Ongoing Support: We’re here for support and maintenance. 

    Our tailored solutions are designed to make your life easier and your goals achievable. If you have questions or want to learn more, reach out to us anytime.

    How can I get started with your advanced marketing analytics services?

    Please feel free to reach out to us to arrange a consultation session.

    Contact Us

    What sets you apart from competitors?
    • Deep technical expertise in advanced analytics, statistics, and AI across industries.
    • Diverse industry experience of our team members.
    • Customized solutions and services to your unique business need.
    •  Specialized in pricing, marketing effectiviness, forecasting and voice of customer dashboards.
    • Partnering with you for the long run with shared vision and exceptional out comes.

    More importantly;

    We love what we do and take pride in delivering beyond your expectations.

    Can I see case studies or client success stories?

    We invite you to explore our extensive collection of case studies, showcasing a variety of projects we have successfully undertaken. To access these case studies, kindly navigate to our dedicated ‘Case Studies’ section on our website.

    Case Studies

    Is my data secure when using your analytics services?

    Your data security is our utmost concern:

    1. Anonymous Data Analysis: We only work with anonymized data to protect your privacy.
    2. Confidentiality Agreements: We sign agreements with you and our team members to ensure data confidentiality.
    3. Secure Cloud Storage: Your data is securely stored on our cloud servers, accessible only to authorized personnel. Rest assured, your data’s security is our top priority. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Did We Answer Your Question?

    Should you have any further inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.