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Unlocking New Product Success: New Product Pricing Strategy


At Analizon, we take pride in our commitment to helping clients navigate the complex landscape of new product launches. In this case study, we delve into a recent collaboration with a multinational consumer goods company, where we assisted them in determining the ideal price for a groundbreaking new product.

Client’s Challenge:

Our client, a well-known multinational consumer goods company, operates on a global scale. They were on the verge of introducing a new product to the market and faced several pivotal challenges:

  • Pricing : The client needed to determine optimal price levels for various models of their new product.
  • Feature Valuation: They aimed to understand how customers perceived and valued the extra features incorporated into the product.
  • Market Awareness: The client sought insights into customers’ willingness to pay for the new product at different stages of awareness.

Our Solution: A Two-Stage Approach

To address these multifaceted challenges, we implemented a comprehensive two-stage approach:

  • Pre-Concept Conjoint Analysis:
    • We discreetly placed the new product on store shelves without creating any awareness.
    • Customers were asked to make selections from a competitive set using conjoint analysis screens.
    • This approach allowed us to gauge initial preferences without bias.
  • Post-Concept Conjoint Analysis:
    • We then introduced the new product, creating 100% market awareness.
    • Customers were again asked to make selections from the competitive set.
    • By comparing the results of the 0% awareness and 100% awareness scenarios, we could assess market potential under varying awareness levels.
    • After creating full awareness, we employed the Van Westendorp PSM method to determine the optimal price, offering an additional pricing perspective.
  • Key Feature Assessment:  During the conjoint exercises, we integrated essential product features that influenced pricing to understand customer willingness to pay for these features.

Outcome and Benefits:

Our client gained substantial benefits from this comprehensive approach:

  • Ideal Price Positioning: We pinpointed the perfect price positioning for their new product from consumers’ standpoint, a critical factor in market success.
  • Simulation Tool: Our developed simulator became an invaluable resource, allowing our client to:
    • Predict market share, revenue, and profits under various price points and awareness levels.
    • Evaluate the potential of new features, determining how much customers were willing to pay for them.
    • Analyze the source of volume and identify competitors most affected by the product’s introduction.


In this case study, we’ve witnessed how a strategic and data-driven approach can turn challenges into triumphs. By collaborating with our multinational consumer goods client, we unlocked the keys to a successful product launch.

Through our two-stage approach, encompassing pre-concept and post-concept conjoint analysis, the Van Westendorp PSM method, and feature assessment, we provided our client with a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the complex world of pricing and feature valuation.

At Analizon, we thrive on delivering tailored solutions to our clients’ unique challenges by partnerig with you with a shared vision. If you’re ready to turn your product launch into a resounding success, contact us today to explore how our tailored solutions can work wonders for you.