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Category: Voice of Customer Dashboard

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Unlocking Customer Experience Through Integrated Data Analytics

The Challenge:

Our client, a multinational corporation with a vast global presence, approached us with a complex challenge. They needed a solution to consolidate feedback from various customer interaction channels onto a unified platform and conduct in-depth root cause analyses. Their goal was to extract valuable customer insights, identify actionable areas for improvement, and present these findings through a dynamic dashboard across 10 different countries. The data sources to be integrated included repair data from call centers, Net Promoter Score (NPS) data, and complaints submitted through the “contact us” section of their website. Additionally, they aimed to refine categories based on shared data, create customizable dashboards, and enable continuous improvement through standardized data reporting.

Furthermore, our client sought a solution that would empower their customer experience team by providing them with access to and control over the dashboards, within specified permissions.

Our Solution: 

In close collaboration with our client, we designed and implemented a tailored PowerBI dashboard solution that effectively addressed their unique challenges:

  • Detecting Product Performance Faults: We developed algorithms to identify product performance issues using repair data.
  • NPS Calculation and Drivers: Our dashboard calculated NPS scores directly from raw data and pinpointed the key drivers of NPS.
  • NPS Comments and Sentiment Analysis: We conducted sentiment analysis to uncover areas for improvement and combined NPS scores with open-ended feedback to understand the impact of specific phrases on NPS. This allowed us to prioritize action areas effectively.
  • Access Control: To ensure data security and compliance, we implemented different access and viewing rights for various teams within the organization, allowing for controlled data access.

The Outcomes: 

Within a remarkably short three-month timeframe, we successfully delivered a solution that not only met but exceeded our client’s challenging demands:

  • Meeting Complex Demands: Our dashboards proved to be highly effective in addressing the multifaceted challenges presented by our client.
  • High Utility: The dashboards quickly became indispensable tools within our client’s global organization. 
  • Empowered Analytics: The analytics teams now effortlessly extract data for further in-depth analysis, including cross-tabulations, survival analysis, text analytics and driver analysis.
  • Proactive Issue Resolution: Our dashboard enables the client to monitor and analyze customer feedback, alerting them to emerging trends and critical issues.

Impact and Ongoing Utilization: 

Our dashboards have become essential assets for the customer experience and product teams. The success of this project has prompted our client to expand the coverage of the study to encompass other product categories.

Our ability to provide innovative solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs has not only streamlined their operations but has also enhanced their ability to respond effectively to customer feedback, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and business success. We are proud to have been part of this transformative journey.

Uncovering Insights with Data Visualization: Revolutionizing Copy Testing with PowerBI

In today’s rapidly evolving marketing landscape, understanding the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is more crucial than ever. Our client, a global player in the consumer insights industry, faced a formidable challenge – their demand for timely and insightful copy testing outpaced the capabilities of existing online platforms. This case study explores how we partnered with our client to create a game-changing solution that not only met their complex demands but also revolutionized the way they approached copy testing and data analysis.

The Challenge:

Our client’s insights teams were conducting copy testing on a global scale using various online platforms. However, they encountered several roadblocks:

  • Global and Regional Dashboards: They needed monthly dashboards that could display composite scores calculated from raw data at both global and regional levels.
  • Data Customization: Each study and region required a unique data cut, including different age groups, demographics, and other variables.
  • Meta Analysis: To gain deeper insights, they wanted to align data across markets for global meta-analysis.
  • Analysis Interface: Their analytics teams needed an interface for conducting basic analytics on global and regional data, including cross-tabulations, correlation and regression analysis, and data extraction.

Our Solution:

In collaboration with our client, we developed a custom PowerBI dashboard that addressed each of their unique challenges:

  • Ad Effectiveness Calculation: We designed the dashboard to calculate ad effectiveness scores directly from raw data, providing real-time insights.
  • Tag Integration: Key characteristics of ads were integrated into the datafiles, allowing for more comprehensive analysis and categorization.
  • Real-time Updates: The dashboard is updated frequently with live data, ensuring that the insights are always current.
  • Customized Filters: We incorporated filters for demographics groups, including age, gender, and tags, enabling users to tailor their analysis precisely.
  • Access Control: To ensure data security and compliance, we implemented different access and viewing rights for various teams within the organization.

The Outcomes:

Within a mere three months, we successfully delivered the dashboards our client had envisioned. These results speak volumes about the agility and effectiveness of our solution. Here’s what we achieved:

  • Meeting Complex Demands: The dashboards we created not only met but exceeded the challenging demands of our client.
  • High Utility: These dashboards quickly became some of the most used tools within our client’s global organization. Marketing teams now monitor ad performance regularly with satisfaction.
  • Empowered Analytics: The analytics teams can effortlessly extract data for further in-depth analysis, including cross-tabulations, correlation and regression analysis, and data pulls.

Impact and Ongoing Utilization:

The impact of our solution has been profound and continues to grow:

  • Concept Tests: Impressed by the results, our client commissioned us to create a similar dashboard for all their concept tests, further streamlining their insights gathering process.
  • Meta Analysis: Leveraging the data from these dashboards, our client now conducts meta-analysis, uncovering deeper insights that inform their future ad campaigns.

In conclusion, our collaboration with our client not only met their immediate needs but also paved the way for a more data-driven and insightful approach to copy testing and ad effectiveness analysis. These custom PowerBI dashboards have empowered our client to make informed decisions, resulting in more effective advertising campaigns and a brighter future for their marketing endeavors.